Hot Wife Story

Richard is avery succesful businessman. What else could he want to have out of his lifetime? Well, might be a touch more of free-for-all time to spend with hot wife Michelle... As in accordance with Michelle their connection aren't doing so well lately precisely becasue she does not get enough attention from her hubby. What would Richard do in situation like this? To get a soiree for himself and seek the services of an escort damsel (because in case in the event you left behind that is an erotic game from"Lesson of fire" series). However, was he ready to find out that this escort damsel turned out to be his own wife? Well, ready or not now they bith will need to take care of that somehow and some assistance from the participant in making sure decision would be really superb. Perform the game and lead this duo to a of few possible endings! Play now »

My sex date: Paula

Paula is sexy looking blonde who happened to be your date tonight's name. But the part just howyou got together is not in the focus of this sexual game while what exactly are you going to do next is important - will you be able to keep her interested in you thru this wonderful eveneing enough to secue her once you get back to your place? That's the question which only you can give reaction for by making many choices throught this game so no wonder that it will have several different endings. Pay attention to all who knows and that you say or can do as - may be some moves from this game will become helpful in your lifetime? And ofcourse if you will love the gameplay you should know that we've lots of other games from"Lesson of Passion" show on our site! Play now »

Moonlust: The first bite

Tonights"Lesson of Passion" is going to be very unique as it will be the lesson to the newly turned vampire throughout his first hunt. Get ready to play as the man named Mark. Mark is fairly killer so he can become just about any chick he wants to no matter how fancy the night club will be yet do not leave behind - today he is a vampire and he is searching for the lady to get another functions than before... which at exactly the same time doesn't mean that there'll be no romp and really quite reverse - the more succesfull you'll be using your charm skills and fresh talents the nicer kind of ending for the story you will get! Just do not leave behind that games from"Lesson of Passion" series are often variative so that it will take more than one walkthrough if you would like to view all the sensual articles this game has. Play now »