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An attention-grabbing interactive computer game with a story about passion, hookup and connections, however if you're interested with these things, then you'll still provide them the chance. The many characters of the story are Ella and Levy. Ella encircles a mystery about what happened to her in-law about six months past, and he or she resolved it, and Leviu is connected thereto. The matter is that Levy does not have any plan concerning Ella's dark moments within the past and is now turning into a great deal of and a great deal of impolite in the direction of her than normal. Is that this type of component of Ella's program? Is that this however she wont have a connection? Or is it simply a coincidence which came out of a lack of trust inbetween them both? You'll got to find it out on your own by participating in this game. But if you simply plan on taking part in it due to the manga porn scenes, then that will be simply fine. Therefore let's begin the game.

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