Rikku Hard: Dancing Queen

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There is a whole collection of anime porn parody games that comes under the name"Dancing Queen" so in the event that you care of the story then you probably need to begin with this very first-ever one... but to do this you'll need to understand japanese terminology. On the other side you are able to commence with any scene and when you happened to be the admirer of hilarious blond chick Rikku out of"Final Fanatsy" then you alreday have discovered the episod ethat you had! The story will tell about these blessed time swhn Rikku was a star of the stage and her concert reveals was adored by the people... yet some folks adored Rikku way over her artistic perfomances. So 1 day they got the chance to put their dirty palms around Rikku and they did not allow this chance to really have a gang-fuck party with celeb...

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